Catholic Kyoto Diocese
Yamashiro Bloc

are five parishes in Yamashiro Bloc, namely:

Saint John Mary Vianney Parish located in Kyotanabe City;

Holy Family Parish located in Aodani, Joyo City;

Parish of the 26 Martyrs of Japan located in Uji City;

Saint Raphael Parish located in Seika Chou, Kyoto;
Saint Jacob Parish located in Yawata City.

We have two priests assigned under collaborative ministry.

@Priests in-charge@@

@@@@Rev. Fr@Fukuoka Kazuho

@@@@Rev. Fr  Jose Antonio@

And, there are three Kindergarten Schools within Yamashiro bloc

recognized as an Incorporated Educational Institution

in Catholic Kyoto South area.

  Yamashiro bloc 5 churches suspend the Sunday Mass until 1/31
to prevent coronavirus infection
The Mass since February is undecided
Steps taken by the Kyoto Diocese Regarding New Coronavirus (No 10)
Suspension of Masses in Kyoto, Nara, Shiga and Mie

Steps taken by the Kyoto Diocese Regarding New Coronavirus (No 9)
Suspension of Masses in Southern Kyoto

  Guideline to follow in conducting gatherings such as Mass


Prayer for the World Suffering from the New Coronavirus Pandemic

Mass in January


 Catholic Tanabe Church

§610-0334@2-1-20 Tanabechuo Kyotanabe Shi Mass₯Map

@@@‡„ 0774-62-0300

Catholic Aodani Church

§610-0113@11 Naka-Mukougawara Joyo Shi Mass₯Map

@@@‡„ 0774-52-0116

Catholic Uji Church

§611-0021@‚R Uji-Mataburi Uji Shi Mass₯Map

@@@‡„ 0774-21-2891

Catholic Seika Church

§619-0243@‚Q Maruyama-Minamiinayaduma Seika Chou

@@@‡„ 0774-95-3124

 Catholic Yawata Church

§614-8002@54-8 Yawata-Doi Yawata Shi Mass₯Map

@@@‡„ 075-981-0208

Aodani Holy Famliy Kindergarten

§610-0113@11 Naka-Mukougawara Joyo Shi

@ ‡„ 0774-53-9303

Seiai Kindergarten

§610-0334@2-1-20 Tanabechuo Kyotanabe Shi

@ ‡„ 0774-63-5506

Seika Saint Mary's Kindergarten

§619-0243@2 Maruyama-Minamiinayaduma Seika Chou

@ ‡„ 0774-94-2059